Free Canvas Library

These templates will help you build your Target Operating Model and are featured in the article series, How to Build Your Target Operating Model

Part 1: Why You Need A New Operating Model

Operating Model Canvas

Capture a snapshot of your As-Is and target states.

Drivers To Change Canvas

Identify your reasons to evolve.  This is an enhanced SWOT.

Part 2: Build Your Target Operating Model

Changes Canvas

Goals you decide to implement.

Impact-Effect Canvas

Prioritize your proposed changes.

Operating Model Evolution Canvas

Map a snapshot of your operating model progression over multiple years.

Transition Canvas

Capture the programs, projects, and actions to your next operating model state.

Roadmap Summary Canvas

High level view of your plan to move from today to your target state.

Part 3: Bring Your Operating Model To Life

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Assignments for all your stakeholders.

Stakeholder Support Canvas

Know both your cheerleaders and saboteurs.