Our Services

We are happy to support you at all stages of your planning-to-execution journey.  Below is a brief summary of our areas of expertise, all of which can be customized to your needs and schedule.  Please reach out to discuss with us.

Target Operating

Whether you are launching a new transformation program, or have an updated strategy to align the organization around, we can help you craft a holistic Target Operating Model that is tailored to both C-suite and department level.

► Mapping your strategy to a new or updated operating model
► Capturing your As-Is state
► Stakeholder interviewing and analysis
► Identifying areas of change and dependencies
► Migration paths from your As-Is to your target state
► KPIs to link your strategy to your execution goals
► Tailored operating model views from Executive Summary to Detailed

Workshops and

We help you get maximum value from your group sessions by guiding your team towards your session goals while being independent in order to foster inclusion and collaborative decision making.

► Half-day, 1-day and multiple day workshops
► Guided progress through any or all parts of your strategic process from capturing your operating model to deciding your change/transformation execution
► Democratic and inclusive participation
► Collaborative decision making
► Post-workshop action plan and responsibilities

Implementing Transformation

We can help you setup new change/program management initiatives or overhaul existing program portfolio management to adopt governance, tools, and methods that fit your organization.

► Governance setup and operations
► PMO setup and operations
► Stakeholder analysis
► Budgeting
► Software tools setup
► Program management process optimization (Agile + traditional)
► Technology migrations to/from the cloud
► KPI setup and dashboards