Our Services

Whether you need digital transformation and change leadership, ongoing operations management, or short-term consulting for your technology strategy and operating model, we can support you.  Below is a brief summary of our areas of expertise, all of which can be customized to your needs and timeline.  Please reach out to discuss with us.

Delivering Transformation

We fill the the technology leadership gap in your organization as your CDO, CTO, or Program Director role to deliver your Digital Transformation.

Whether you need to launch a new initiative or get an existing program to the finish line, we can support you.

► Setup and day-to-day running of delivery organizations
► C-suite level governance and stakeholder management
► Financials management
► Team management
► Tailoring of processes and tools
► Agile setup and tailoring


We provide senior technology management to ensure your processes, applications, infrastructure, and teams are all positioned and executing towards your business goals.

We provide expertise in operations efficiency, program delivery, governance, budget and financial management, and risk and compliance.

► Setup and execution of overall technology strategy
► Governance setup and operations
► PMO setup and operations
► Team(s) management and development
► Budgeting and Financials
► Tools selection and rollout
► Program management process optimization (Agile + traditional)
► Technology migrations to/from the cloud
► KPI setup and dashboards

Target Operating

Whether you are launching a new transformation program, or have an updated strategy to align the organization around, we can help you craft a holistic Target Operating Model and/or IT Strategy that is tailored to both C-suite and department level.

► Mapping your strategy to a new or updated operating model
► Capturing your As-Is state
► Stakeholder interviewing and analysis
► Identifying areas of change and dependencies
► Migration paths from your As-Is to your target state
► KPIs to link your strategy to your execution goals
► Tailored operating model views from Executive Summary to Detailed