How To Build A Target Operating Model

A operating model is a valuable tool to capture how your organization will successfully deliver its strategy and bring value to your customers or clients.  This 3-part series will guide you through identifying your reasons to change, designing a future state, and bringing your new operating model to life.

Canvases to guide the development of your Target Operating Model are downloadable at the bottom of the page.

Part 1:
Why You Need
An Operating

► Strategy vs. Operating Model 
► Practical examples of why you need a new model
► Components of an operating model
► Step 1: Capture your as-is state
► Step 2: Identify your reasons to evolve

Part 2:
How To Build
Your Operating Model

► Deciding how you will win
► Step 3:  Decide your changes
► Step 4:  Decide your target state(s)
► Step 5:  Decide your transitions
► Step 6:  Summarize

Part 3:
Bring Your Operating Model To Life

► Everyone on the bus
► Executing & governing
► Staying relevant


A woman is viewing a 1-page overview of a Target Operating Model on an iPad

Free Canvases

Canvases help you Capture, Clarify, and Communicate how you will execute your strategy. Download these free .pdfs to support each step of your Target Operating Model development.