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Our Services

Target Operating

Whether you are launching a new transformation program, or have an updated strategy to align the organization around, we support you to craft a holistic Target Operating Model that is tailored to both C-suite and department level.

Workshops and

We guide you to get maximum value from your group sessions by guiding your team towards your session goals while being independent in order to foster inclusion and collaborative decision making.

Implementing Transformation

We advise you setting up new change/program management initiatives or overhaul existing program portfolio management to adopt governance, tools, and methods that fit your organization.

How To Build A Target Operating Model​

A operating model is a valuable tool to capture how your organization will successfully deliver its strategy and bring value to your customers or clients.

This 3-part series guides you through:

  1. Why You Need a New Model
  2. Building Your Operating Model
  3. Bringing Your New Operating Model to Life
Diagram of the 6 steps to develop a target operating model

Free Canvases

Canvases help you capture, clarify, and communicate how you will execute your strategy. Download free .pdfs to support each step of your Target Operating Model development.